About us

About us

Friends Show Band

Our band as its name presents was found for not only entertaining people and
playing together with friends but it is also embodied the long friendship among
the members

The members of FRIENDS band, including nine musicians, have been playing
together absolutely live more than a decade presenting a strong brass section a
fantastic female vocalist and a very energetic and dynamic front singer.

We take performances in galas, dancing events, weddings, birthday, garden,
company and other parties. Our main references so far: SPAR, Budapest Bank,
Grundfos, Zenon, FLP, FHB Bank. Apart from that, we play regularly on the
famous Víz Zene Virág festival.

FRIENDS band’s repertoire includes the best Hungarian and foreign party songs
of 80’s- 90’s and as of today. The presentation of the live brass section played
always an important role in the program compilation.

We know the magic of live music.

FRIENDS band belongs to those few who play exclusively live.

Be a part of this magic!